4/21/12…Karaoke @ Shooters Billiards North

Shooters Billiards North

Shooters Billiards North

This was definitely not a typical night out of music for me.  Since I’ve been slowing down my schedule because of my “afflicted month” and because I’m winding down my last semester of college, I decided to head out spontaneously to a venue close to home.  I ended up at Shooters quite selfishly because a friend of mine works there.  A couple of friends and I straggled over there after a night of NBA fun and watching my BULLS successfully beat the Dallas Mavericks.  I was in the mood to keep the fun going.  So off we went to Shooters.  I knew they had bands there, but I forgot that the bands play on Friday nights and they do karaoke on Saturday nights.  Oops!  Now it’s not like I’ve never done karaoke before, but I’ve absolutely never done it sober.  And since I don’t drink anymore, I most definitely wasn’t getting up there on this particular Saturday night.  Even though my two friends offered me $20 bucks each to do it.  I told them, “HELL NO!!” lol  So instead, we just enjoyed the performances of the “not-so-good” and the “surprisingly good” singers.  Aside from that, Shooters is a huge space.  It wasn’t as busy as it typically is on the weekends, but there were quite a few people in there.  The stage is closest to the main entrance of the bar.  That seems to be the main attraction.  Clear across the other side of the room are several pool tables.  The bar takes up a large portion of one side of the space.  And in the center of it all are tables and more games.  There are also video games around the perimeter of the space.  They even have video trivia.  They also have an outside patio with tables.  There just seems to be a lot going on here.  It’s a very social bar.  While we had fun and it was good to see my friend, I would prefer coming back here when there’s a band playing.  I’m pretty sure that most of the music is covers, just based on the crowd.  That’s normally not my thing, but my friend suggested I see a particular all-girl band that is (according to her) supposed to be a lot of fun.  So, hopefully I’ll be able to coordinate that at some point soon.  Until then, the next couple of weeks will be pretty slow, as far as me seeing shows.  After May 7th, that will change drastically.  I can’t wait to be done with school!!

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