4/16/12…Austin Blues Weekend Cut Short By A Stinky Stye In The Eye

Stinky Stye In The Eye

The effects of the stye in my eye.

I was very excited to cap off my extended blues weekend with a stop at Mojoe Room to see Jabo & The Old Dogs Blues Band tonight, but I knew it was a bad sign when I started to feel a lump in my eye last night.  And sure enough, when I woke up this morning it had puffed out a little more and I could see it was a stye…a stinky stye.  The last time that I experienced such a horrible series of events in my life was back in 1999.  First my cat tragically died, then I got the stye, and then, because of the stye, I missed a Goo Goo Dolls concert.  I named that month my “afflicted month”.  I guess this is “afflicted month”, part two.  First the flood in my apartment, then I got rear-ended yesterday, and now mysteriously the stye has returned.  The bright side in all this is that it took 13 years for “afflicted month” to come back around.  So maybe that’ll be my life pattern.  I suppose I can deal with it if it only happens every 13 years, but I’d just as soon not deal with all this crap at once.  It sucks!  I just hope that since things usually happen in threes and the stye is the third annoying thing to happen to me in the past 30 days, that this is IT.  My afflicted month will have officially ended.  And now maybe I can look forward to bigger and better things.  I mean back in 1999 after all the nonsense went down, my life changed in a dramatically positive way one year later.  In 2000 I moved to NYC to begin a new adventure.  So maybe one year from now, I’ll be starting a whole new journey in my life.  I’m hoping so.  And I’m looking forward to it!

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