3/8/15….Chicago Bulls Vs. San Antonio Spurs @ AT & T Center, San Antonio

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Merry Christmas to me!!  My brother bought me these great seats in the Plaza Level behind the Bulls bench as my Christmas present.  So, not only would I have a great view of my guys, but I’d hopefully get to see them play a great game against the current Champs.  HA!!  Boy was I in for a disappointment.  Anyway, I digress…my brother and I arrived to our seats just as the Bulls were coming out for their shoot around.  Perfect timing!  I was so excited to see my fave player, Joakim Noah, that I didn’t know what to do first…take pictures or just watch him shoot.  Well, I ended up taking a few pictures and then I just sat and watched.  I tried to get his attention by screaming out his name.  But of course it was way too loud in there and he didn’t hear me.  🙁

The last time the Bulls and the Spurs met this season resulted in a blowout win for the Bulls in Chicago.  The Spurs were much better prepared for my boys this time.  Not to mention, we had three of our key players (Derrick Rose, Jimmy Butler, & Taj Gibson) out due to injury.  The game started out poorly for my boys.  They couldn’t get ANYTHING going and chased the Spurs, especially Tony Parker, all game.  Parker was on FIRE and went off for a season high 32 points.  Meanwhile all the Bulls went off on was fouls & turnovers.  It was a mess and embarrassing to witness as a Chicago fan.  It was especially embarrassing for this to all go down on national television.  The best part of this game was probably the Jimmy Butler interview that was filmed right behind the Bulls bench.

Jimmy Butler being interviewed during the game.

Jimmy Butler being interviewed during the game.

I wish I would’ve seen THAT instead of the horrible game.  Ok, I’m exaggerating.  I actually really enjoyed seeing my boys play live and in-person.  It’s become an annual excursion for me and my brother to drive to San Antonio and see them play the Bulls.  And it’s always a great experience to see them play, but I’d prefer to see them play great ball and WIN!!  Oh well, maybe next time.

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