3/4/13…Petey Popoff releases Full Circle

Full Circle

Petey Popoff is a hip-hop artist out of San Antonio that I happened to catch at Kick Butt Coffee in Austin last year.  He performed with his crew and I was thoroughly impressed with their show and said so when I wrote about it in my blog:  Petey Popoff @ Kick Butt Coffee.  Since then, I hadn’t heard much from him musically, but I followed him on Facebook.  About a week ago, I was surprised with an email from him, letting me know that he had a new album, Full Circle, coming out and asking me if I would take a listen.  I was happy to.  And as it turns out, this guy is no fluke.  The very first thing that stood out to me was the sound quality of the recordings.  It’s really incredible.  I was impressed immediately especially since all of the recording was done in home.  There were two producers for this album:  D-HitZ 007 (San Antonio, TX) & Young Breeze (New York, NY).  The whole album was engineered and mastered in home by D-HitZ 007.  I listened to the album a few times just to get a feel for it.  The first song that stood out to me was “Unconscious (So Focused)”.  To me, it really sets the mood and the tone of the whole album.  It’s apparent that Petey is quite serious about his craft and what he wants to accomplish in this industry; This song emphasizes that to his audience.  I’ve always been drawn to more thoughtful rappers, i.e. Common, Nas, The Roots, so it makes perfect sense that I appreciate this aspect of Petey’s work.  What I really loved though was hearing the more playful side of his music.  I LOVE the song “Fa Sho”.  That was/is the standout on this album for me.  As a big Outkast fan, I heard their influence on this song immediately.  It’s great that Petey is focused & serious about his path in this industry, but sometimes you just gotta let loose and have some fun!  And he does just that in “Fa Sho”.  The other song that has more of a bounce to it is “Roll The Dice”.  This is a club banger, fa sho. 😉  And my favorite part of this song is probably what I think could be his signature “Yech”.  I haven’t heard that in any hip-hop song YET.

Take a listen to “Fa Sho”, but please also check him out on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, & Spotify.  Physical & digital copies of Full Circle are also currently available for purchase on the label’s store front:  MBI Media Network.  If I had one critique about this album, it would be that it veers a little too low-key for me.  I appreciate that Petey’s expressing more of his serious side, but I really enjoy the more upbeat bits on this album.

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