3/23/12…Apartment Drama

So I wanted to go into a little more detail about what I’ve been dealing with personally that has sort of shaken up my life.  My first night down at SXSW (last Wednesday, the 14th) I received a call from the Maintenance Supervisor of my apartment complex.  Apparently, my upstairs neighbor’s dog had chewed through the waterline connected to her toilet and her apartment flooded!!!  Much of this water came down into several areas of my apartment.  I didn’t realize how horribly it had affected my place till I got home at 3:00 that morning to find all the above fans & dehumidifiers scattered throughout my place.  It was so loud in there, I almost cried.  Not to mention, I found stacks of wet clothes in my bathtub, wet gym shoes, wet bed and sheets (I had to sleep on my couch for two days), and an apartment that was TORN UP!!  That first night was the worst as even with ear plugs I had been given at SXSW, I could barely sleep through the noise.  I tried to go down to SXSW the next day and enjoy myself but I was pretty distracted and EXHAUSTED.  I wanted to fulfill my volunteer commitment to my SXSW Special Venues Team, so I toughed it out.  The next day (my one day off) I had planned to spend an amazing day downtown checking out several bands.  But instead, I stayed home to focus on my apartment issues;  I talked to my apartment manager, called my insurance company, did many more loads of laundry (I found wet towels in my linen closet), and I even went to buy a new bed.  Not exactly what I had in mind for a fabulous SXSW.  Well, I finished off my volunteering the next day, but I still was not at all comfortable in my apartment.  More than a week later, they are still working on getting everything back together.  I can’t express how much I abhor feeling uncomfortable in my home.  I was told today they probably won’t be done till next Tuesday.  This situation has completely thrown me off my game in regard to the website, school, and just life in general.  I hope to be back to normal by the middle of next week.  Wish me luck, everyone.  I can’t wait to put this mess behind me!

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