2/9/12…Michael Fracasso @ The Continental Club

The Continental Club

The Continental Club

It had been such a long time since I’d hung out at The Continental Club, that when I found out Michael Fracasso was having a show there, I didn’t hesitate to add it to my music calendar.  I had first heard his music from his latest CD Saint Monday and I really liked the songs that he had on there.  He’s a blend of Americana & Pop.  His music is like ear candy…sweet & tasty.  While this show did not start with a punch, it eventually led to one.  When he got loud and a little raucous, that’s when I got a little more into it.  Michael took on vocal duties (obviously, it was HIS show) and acoustic guitar, and he had three other guys playing with him on lead guitar, bass, & drums.  He was celebrating his birthday so it was clear that he was up there having a good time, while playing to a very friendly room.  The Continental Club is definitely host to a more mature crowd and they were out in bunches tonight and they wouldn’t shut up.  The last time I was here, I remember the audience being more tuned in to the band.  But tonight, the audience drifted from the music, especially at one point in the show, and were talking over the music.  I think the sound guy or somebody from the band took notice and exception to this and that’s when the volume went up.  I was so happy about that because I really wanted to hear this show and was getting a little frustrated that I couldn’t.  I stuck around for a couple more songs at high volume and then sadly, just as my friend arrived, I had to leave.  Early mornings suck!  Overall, it was a cool show and I’m happy I made it out to see Mr. Fracasso.


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