2/7/12…Aimee Mac @ Red Eyed Fly

Red Eyed Fly

Red Eyed Fly

Aimee is the epitome of a girl and her guitar.  From the minute she jumped on stage to do a quick sound check, she seemed right at home.  I’ve known Aimee for a couple of years now.  She’s been a classmate of mine, but I had never had the pleasure of seeing her perform.  I do have one of her EP’s which I like a lot, so it was nice to hear some of these songs in a live setting.  There was definitely a nice crowd out for a Tuesday night.  This was an all ages show, so it seemed to be more of a younger crowd.  When I got there, it took me a minute to get familiar with the place.  It had been more than two years since I had been there.  And the last show I saw was outside.  Tonight I got to get comfy in the couch.  It seriously felt like I was being given a private performance in my living room.  Aimee did the first half of the show by herself on acoustic guitar.  Her friend, Matt, jumped in on keyboards and backing vocals for the second half.  I enjoyed both the solo portion  and the accompanied portion of her set.  For such a little thing, Aimee has a lot of power in her voice.  She can belt it out there.  I love that!  It was a very loose show.  Aimee was just having fun up there amongst friends.  She even previewed some new songs that will be on her upcoming EP.  She threw a couple covers into her set, but otherwise it was all original material.  I would LOVE to hear Aimee backed up by a band.  I think she’s great on her own, but a band would just give her songs some punch.  Aimee’s a story-teller and most definitely an artist.  She’s one of those people who you know will definitely make a career of music.  I can’t wait to see where she takes her talents.

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