2/4/12…Petey Popoff @ Kick Butt Coffee in The Triangle

Kick Butt Coffee In The Triangle

Kick Butt Coffee In The Triangle

Hip-Hop music at the coffee shop.  Yup, only in Austin.  But definitely one of the reasons I do love Austin so.  When I was scoping out venues for the week, I almost overlooked Kick Butt because I thought to myself, ‘they can’t really have music at a coffee shop.’  Yeah, shows how much I know.  I got even more excited when I saw that they host a hip-hop show the first Saturday of every month.  It’s in a perfect location too, surrounded by college housing.  I had yet to see hip-hop in any format since I moved to Austin, with the only exception being at the bigger festivals like ACL and SXSW.  And what a shame, considering the audience there is for this type of music.  I give a ton of props to Petey Popoff who produces this monthly show.  Not only does he put together the show, but he performs as well.  When I first got to Kick Butt there were a lot of people hanging out in front of the shop.  I walked in and made my way to the stage.  It really is a true coffee shop, but at night the lights are down and they have the bar going.  There’s seating closer to the stage which is in the back corner of the space.  There were a fair amount of people inside already enjoying the performance going on.  I couldn’t really tell you the names of the people who performed aside from Petey because there was a good rotation of acts coming up and doing their thing.  Although I didn’t catch everyone’s name, I can say that the 4 acts I did catch were all good in very different ways.  The first group of guys (4 in total) had an older emcee who was very old school.  So old school, in fact, they called him Mr. Old School.  I think he was my favorite only because he really broke down a good story.  I liked what he had to say.  Once these guys were done, Petey came on and performed with another guy.  They had a lot of energy and the beats were pretty great.  It was obvious they were having some fun up there.  There were 3 little kids jammin’ out in front of the stage and Petey made their night when he focused his attention on them, giving ‘em high fives and shaking their hands.  That made my night too, just seeing those kids having the time of their lives. The next guy that came out was a Bahamian from NYC (I think that’s what I caught from his lyrics) and he added a ton of flavor to the show.  He seriously got the crowd going and anyone that had been hanging out outside came in when he was performing.  He is definitely on to something.  The next couple guys that came on, were more thoughtful rappers with slower beats, akin to Paul Wall.  After all the energy from the previous performance, the slow-down kinda pushed me out the door, but only because I had an early morning ahead of me.  I’m hoping that after making this hip-hop discovery, I’m able to find out where else these shows are going on.  It was such a nice change of pace.  It’s so easy to find good rock shows around Austin, but with such a range of venues it would be nice to change it up now and then.  I also need to make it back to The Triangle during the day.  It seems like a cool little area.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t really get a good read in the dark.  But the one thing I could read in the dark was the sign that said “2 Hour Parking”, so I was confident I wouldn’t come to back to my car and find a ticket.  ;p

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