2/24/12…Ruthie Foster @ Antone’s



First and foremost, I want to thank my friend, Misti, for being so persistent in pushing me to check out Ms. Foster.  I had never heard of her before and I had no idea what I was missing.  But once I finally sat down to preview some of her music, before fully committing to going to her CD release party on the 24th, I knew my friend was one step ahead of me…at least in this case.  WOW!!  How could I miss this woman??  She’s a blues woman, for god’s sake.  Well, I am a bit smarter now, having seen her.  And it seems like I’m the last one in Austin to find out about her.  MAN!!  Antone’s was packed.  It was nowhere near as close to full the last time I was there.  AND it was an early show.  Ruthie and her four band mates (keyboardist, lead guitarist, drummer, and bassist) went on just after 8:00 pm and rocked out for the next 90 minutes.  What a treat!!  She’s got a great voice along with a great sense of humor.  She played acoustic while doing lead vocals.  Ruthie also traded vocals on one song with Hadden Sayers (one of his tunes), who stepped in on lead guitar for the evening.  Her band was phenomenal. Ruthie played cuts from her new CD which has original music and covers in which she honors some of her favorite artists, but she also stayed loyal to her fans by playing some of their favorites.  Two of the covers she played that stood out to me were “Set Fire To The Rain” by Adele and “Ring Of Fire” by Johnny Cash.  As much as I loved her version of Adele’s song, I really, really wish she had made it more of her own and not stayed so true to the original.  I could totally imagine a slowed down, bluesier take on it that would’ve brought out more of Ruthie’s sensibility.  Just as I was thinking about that, she announced she would be doing a Johnny Cash song.  I honestly had no idea it was “Ring Of Fire” until she got to the chorus; because this one, she DEFINITELY put her stamp on.  She blew me away!  I also loved the way she ended the set.  She brought on a total crowd pleaser and everyone pretty much went nuts.  I mean, I was already in the “dance zone” and was being entertained by my own personal dance crew, but when she pulled out the last song, it got that much crazier.  It was great!  I had a fantastic time and Ruthie has definitely won over a new fan!  Sign me up!

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