2/23/12…Inches To Pixels @ Beauty Bar

Beauty Bar

Beauty Bar

So let me just start this out by saying that I was really disappointed in the manager of this band.  He made a point of reaching out to me and inviting me to this particular show and he totally dropped the ball.  He didn’t bother following through or up with me and it really makes me question how/if he’s looking out for this band.  I’ll go into that further.  On a positive note, I did enjoy the band.  They’re a four piece with 3 guys and a bad-ass female drummer.  The guys that make up the rest of the band are on keys, bass, & guitar.  They’re kind of a mix between punk and dance.  But what was really great about them was that they could actually play their instruments.  They weren’t just faking it and speeding through the music.  And the vocals were good too.  They definitely had me bouncing around.  They were also obviously very into their performance.  Each one of them gave off their own unique energy…and they all had quite a lot of that to share.  What I was sad to see was that even at 10:00 pm (their start time) they really didn’t have much of an audience.  Shame too cuz there were people out on the patio, but I didn’t see too many coming in to check them out.  Beauty Bar actually seemed to be a perfect venue for them too just based on its size and type of crowd.  This could’ve been a good audience for them, but it could be the manager flaked out in that department too.  I’ve been to Beauty Bar before, but it had been awhile.  Maybe it gets a much later start.  I just don’t know.  This band is going to have to work harder to spread the word.  I’m happy to do my part just by laying out my opinion.  They’re a lot of fun and worth a listen.  I’ll be looking out for them, for sure!

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