2/2/12…Ukemi @ Flamingo Cantina

Flamingo Cantina Stage

Flamingo Cantina

I felt like I had just been to Flamingo.  And I guess I had just been there a mere two weeks ago for a fantastic “Love” show hosted by Ginger Leigh.  Tonight I was FINALLY making it out to see a friend’s band, Ukemi, for a late night show.  I was trekking out way past my bedtime, but it was well worth it, as it turned out.  My friend Jaret, who is the drummer for this band, had invited me previously to see them, but until last night, timing just didn’t work out.  So I made the effort this time.  When I walked in at around 10:30, the band was still setting up.  I wasn’t thrilled about the late start, but I’ve come to find out that this is pretty standard practice with bands about town.  Nothing ever goes quite as planned.  At least I got to say hello to Jaret, so he knew I was out there watching.  The band is made up of five members, a keyboardist/guitarist/vocalist, a bassist, a second guitarist/vocalist, a drummer and finally a violinist/glockenspielist (is that what you call it??).  I wasn’t too sure what kind of sound they were about to produce, but I was pretty sure it would be something quite different from what I’d ever heard.  And yeah, I was right.  I will admit that it took a minute for my brain to really wrap around the complexity of their sound.  I was sonically overwhelmed.  As they went into their second song, my analytical side started to weaken and the music started to make more sense.  By the third song, I was really “getting it”; My foot was tapping, I was shaking my shoulders a little,  I was ALL IN!!  The beautiful part of having the violin along with the more standard instruments was the drama that it brought to their songs.  The impression I had of these five players was that they were all at one time band nerds, and I say that with all the affection of a woman who grew up with a band nerd for a brother.  It’s actually a nod at the playing skills of each of these five individuals.  The music really carried me away to places that I haven’t musically visited since I’ve been in Austin.  It was orchestral, lush, and at times even ROCKIN’!!  I was so sad that I had to run out, but I had to get back to my car before the meter was up.  HA!!  I really wish I had just stayed put to hear the rest of Ukemi’s set, because by the time I got back to my car, I found a ticket on my windshield.  I was like, “How the heck…”  Then when I looked at the details of the ticket, it turns out that this particular part of the street (9th St & Red River) turns into a pumpkin, I mean a taxi stand, at 11:00 pm on Thursdays.  Just when I thought I finally had some luck.  I  found a spot quickly, I parallel parked really well (on a hill)…I was very proud of myself.  Yeah, well you all know how that turned out.  So my last bit of advice here is make sure you look up AND down the street you park on because there are sneaky signs with sneaky messages just hoping that you don’t see them.  So SEE THEM before they or the cops bite you in the butt.

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