2/17/12…Elizabeth Wills @ The NeWorlDeli

The NeWorlDeli

The NeWorlDeli

When I first picked out this show for the week, I kept thinking to myself, ‘Elizabeth Wills, hmm, that name sounds so familiar.  How do I know her?’  I finally realized that I had seen her perform before at Artz Rib House about 2 and a half years ago.  At that time, she didn’t really stand out to me.  I remember her having a good voice, but not having the best show.  Maybe it was because she was stuck in the corner of the restaurant with a poor sound system.  I’m not sure.  I do know that this experience was definitely better and much more memorable.  I arrived to NeWorld for the second half of her set.  It really is a true deli in a very college part of town.  When I walked in, I walked straight to the counter to check out what sweets they might have since I had already had my dinner.  I saw a delectable triple chocolate cake in the window and went straight for that.  I added on a soda and I was set.  When I went to fill up my cup from the soda machine I was sorta giggling as I filled it with RC.  RC???  When’s the last time you’ve seen anything but Pepsi or Coke being sold anywhere???  Yeah, exactly!  Anyway, once I was good with my treats I made my way to a table.  There was only one open, which was directly in front of the stage.  Not my first choice, but oh well.  It gave me a different perspective of Elizabeth, that’s for sure.  When I was getting situated, she was singing a cover of Joni Mitchell, which was really pretty.  But I was anxious to see if she did her own stuff.  And she definitely did.  As she introduced her own songs, her personality really shined.  I saw much more humor in her stage presence and much more of a connection with the room.  I must point out that Elizabeth seems to have a very specific following…the room was pretty much all women…mmm hmm.  As I gradually noticed that, I thought, ‘ok, this is a perfect crowd for her in this coffeehouse setting.’  Honestly though, I think she is talented enough to branch out to a wider audience.  She has a great voice, but I also got to hear a little more of a growl from her tonight, which kinda reminded me of Melissa Etheridge.  She has some rock to her chops.  It didn’t come out that strong during her set except for the one song I observed, but it was nice to see that more powerful side of her in her music.  I liked NeWorld too and what I liked the most about it was how it made me feel.  It’s truly set up like a typical coffeehouse, with tables spread across the floor and the low stage in the corner framed by windows. Once I settled in, I just felt really comfortable.  I enjoyed the vibe of the place and being able to enjoy my cake and some nice entertainment, at the same time.  They also serve wine and beer here.  Probably the only drawback is that it closes so darn early…9:00 pm.  But I guess, you could grab dinner here and move on to a later spot, if you so desired.  I am curious to see what kind of crowd comes out for the different artists who perform here.  I suppose I’ll have to come back to find out.

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