2/13/12…The Moeller Brothers @ The Sahara Lounge

The Sahara Lounge

The Sahara Lounge

I was excited to get back to the East Side of Austin tonight.  All three times I had been out there before, I had enjoyed myself.  The Sahara Lounge online event calendar had The Moeller Brothers starting at 9:00 pm, but I know how that goes, so I wasn’t in a huge hurry to leave my house.  I had a hard time finding the bar (my sense of direction sucks) so I actually didn’t get there till about 9:30.  That was fine because when I walked into the bar there was barely anyone in there, the band wasn’t playing, and I’m not kidding when I say that I felt like I had walked into the Twilight Zone.  First of all, when I walked through the main door, I had to walk through plastic strips that were hanging from the door frame.  I felt like I was going through a car wash.  Then I saw an older lady sitting there on her laptop talking to some guy.  There was a “bar” right ahead of the entrance.  To the left were a bunch of long tables covered in various plastic table covers with some sort of buffet set up in the back.  I didn’t see a kitchen here so I’m still not too sure where this food came from.  I did see a couple of people helping themselves to it, so I guess it was free??  I have no idea.  I went to the bathroom, which was also kinda strange.  The door was propped open by a toilet paper holder and when I shut it, I saw that there was actually a second stall in the room that had a black curtain separating it from the main room.  I guess if I wanted to share the bathroom with someone, I could??  Ok, now before I go further I do want to say that one of the things I love about the East Side is that it is so no-frills, low-budget.  But this was more like being in somebody’s messy house.  That was my perception.  Anyway, after I left the bathroom, I continued exploring.  In between the tables and the main entrance are two pool tables.  The stage is straight up from the tables in the back left corner of the space.  To the right of the stage area is the door out to the “backyard”.  I walked out and there were a bunch of tables spread out.  When I walked back inside I noticed a lot of African influences in the bar.  There was African music blaring and little accents on the walls and I also noticed some instruments along the wall.  Then I overheard two people talking about “African Night” every Saturday night in the bar.  After I had exhausted all my exploring options (the bar really isn’t that big) I sat around and waited.  By this time it was around 9:45 and I could see that a band was gonna play, but it wasn’t apparent when they would actually start.  I was getting a little frustrated because again, they were supposed to start at 9:00.  Well, they didn’t get out there and start until 10:15.  Yeah, well, maybe I was annoyed, maybe they just weren’t that great, but by 10:30 I was outta there.  I must say that the sound really sucks in here.  The first couple of songs were ok, but the distortion in the mics and the speakers was horrendous.  Factor that in and the guy that jumped in on tuba on the third song and I had enough.  The tuba gave off a sound like low-end feedback.  It was soo bad!  I’m kinda curious about this African Night, but with the terrible sound, I’m not that excited to get back here.  I’m sure it’s a cool spot for some people to just have a couple of beers and hang out for a bit with their friends, but for me it just wasn’t anything special.

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