1/7/12…Blaggards @ Fadó



I had a pretty good feeling about Fadó before I went out.  It’s in the warehouse district which is one of my favorite areas of Austin and apparently is now a big favorite for EVERYONE!  I arrived to the bar/restaurant at around 9:30ish and it was already super packed.  I went inside and tried to maneuver through the maze of tables, inset booths, people, and more people.  This place, maybe because it was a Saturday night and it’s also a restaurant, was hopping!!  I looked around a little but tried to find the band as quickly as I could.  What I did notice was that this spot seems true to a pub layout with a sports vibe.  There were TV’s accessible in all corners of this place.  And people were definitely watching games.  Once I got outside I found the stage, which is under a gazebo.  It’s centered on this outside deck, so if you want to get away from the crowds of people who walk in, you can actually grab a table behind the stage for a little more seclusion.    However, if you dare to stand in front of the stage, like I did, be prepared for a good jostling.  There’s also a small bar out here and a cocktail waitress, so you don’t have to fight the crowds inside to get a drink.  The majority of the crowd started coming in at about 10:15.  And they are definitely a rowdy bunch.  Blaggards plays some romping and rolling Irish styled rock.  They are a lot of fun and definitely get the crowd into it.  People were dancing and singing along and raising glasses to each other and to the band.  Blaggards is based out of Houston but their lead singer is originally from Dublin.  He definitely brings his Irish flavor to the party.  The band consists of a drummer, bassist/vocalist, fiddler, mandolin guitarist and lead guitarist/vocalist.  I enjoyed myself while I was here, but this is definitely not a band to see alone.  It should be a group effort!  If you’re looking for a good time, check out Fadó and Blaggards.  They’re usually there on Saturday nights, but check the events calendar.

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