1/5/12…Catfish @ Blue Moon Rock & Blues Bar

Blue Moon Rock & Blues Bar

Blue Moon Rock & Blues Bar

So overall, this night was quite disappointing.  Usually I try to find out who’s playing and when before I check out a venue.  But with Blue Moon, it was impossible for me to get any information.  They don’t have a website.  Their Facebook page has no event calendar and is not updated on a regular basis.  On Wednesday, 1/4, I had left a message on their page inquiring about who was playing.  Then I left another message the day of the show and never got a response.  They have no direct phone line to the bar.  If you call, you get a message.  The message that played was from Tuesday, 1/3 and announced who was playing that night.  But when I’m calling two days later to see who’s playing on the 5th, that message is pretty useless.  So already I have the impression that this bar is very low tech and doesn’t really care about getting people in there for the music.  Well, I went anyway.  Blue Moon is in a pretty prime location on 6th Street.  There was a chalk board with the name of the band playing that night (Catfish) in front of the entrance.  I asked the door guy when they were starting and he told me in about 15 minutes.  About 20-25 minutes later they finally did start.  The bar was completely empty when I walked in at 9:00, save for the band members and Blue Moon employees.  I was immediately approached by the shoe shine guy who attempted to tell me that my brand new boots needed to be polished.  I bluntly told him that he was NOT gonna convince me to get a shoe shine, so he finally left me alone.  The bar itself almost seemed like a “pop-up” joint.  It didn’t have a feel of permanence about it.  It’s very minimalist in a sparse way.  More people finally started coming in at about 9:30 pm.  The band was a “rock/blues” band, but of the more generic variety.  I never felt drawn into the music.  They were a bar band, playing covers, and not very convincingly.  They didn’t really seem connected to the music, so I didn’t feel connected to them.  The sound in the bar was also pretty bad.  When I left, my ears were still ringing 10 minutes later.  The most exciting part of the night was when a chick from Minnesota jumped onstage with the band and sang a song with them.   She brought life to the show because she was just so happy to be up there…and she could actually sing.  That’s really all I have to say about this.  It wasn’t a great night for music.  I’m sure Blue Moon is a cool place to hang with your friends for cheap drinks and when music is more of just a background thing.  But if you’re looking for a venue that has great music, keep looking.

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