1/5/10…Aaron Barrera @ Jovita’s


So I ended up back in South Austin tonight.  This venue seems to be more of a restaurant than a music venue, although the front area of the space houses the stage and hence the performer.  There is also a back seating area so if you didn’t want to be distracted by the performer you could sit back there.  In between sets there is a jukebox to keep the music playing.  It’s a big place with an early start time (8:00 pm tonight).  It would be a good place to hang out after work for cheap drinks, grub and some good music.  I definitely have to shout out the artist I saw perform tonight.  His name is Aaron Barrera and he has a powerhouse voice which reminded me a lot of Jeff Buckley.  Being a huge Buckley fan I was beyond impressed with his vocal skills and he also played a mean guitar.  I would definitely go see this guy again…as well should you!

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