1/4/12…Sounds Under Radio @ The Parish

The Parish

The Parish

I started my free week at The Parish.  I’ve already been there a couple of times before and liked it a lot, but it’s been almost a year.  Walking in again for this show, I noticed a lot more details about the club.  First of all, it’s very, very dark in there.  It’s lit by these great chandelier candelabra and there are also several candelabra on the walls surrounding the space.  There’s one main bar to your right as you walk in and a smaller bar closer to the stage.  I love the cushy seating they have along the right wall, where you can chill in between bands.  The Parish is a professional establishment for artists, with two sound boards, professional stage lights, and a load-in area and green room for the bands.  Sounds Under Radio is an Austin based band that normally plays as a foursome, but tonight they had a semi-acoustic show with just their lead singer/guitarist and keyboardist.  For an “acoustic” show it was super loud and sounded great.  Their music has a very dark edge.  It’s quite atmospheric and brooding, but surprisingly not depressing.  It drew me in and made me want to stick around for the whole show.  These two guys also had a great chemistry onstage and quick-witted banter between songs.  I was happy to be there and catch their set.  I’d love to hear them as a full band.  Just these two guys produced A LOT of sound and nice harmonies, so I can imagine what kind of energy they emit when they’re all playing together.  The majority of the crowd definitely seemed to be there especially for Sounds Under Radio; I saw a few people singing along to their songs.  They were the perfect fit for The Parish.  I love this venue and I really liked this band, so tonight The Parish was also a perfect fit for me.

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