1/4/10…Divana @ Speakeasy


It’s amazing how much music can come forth from a tambourine, an acoustic guitar & an effects pedal.  I was super impressed by this band, which was essentially one guy and one girl.  I believe their name is Divana…they never even introduced themselves.  This venue lives up to its name.  It gives off the appearance of a swanky pub.  I especially like the addition of the old-fashioned elevator to the decor.  The low hung parlor fans and great lighting fixtures also add to the ambiance.  It’s a pretty large space.  The stage and the bar are the two focal points of the main room.  There is plenty of seating to the side of the bar and, on a mid-level raised area and an upper VIP floor.  Plus there is plenty of room to dance in front of the stage.  Unfortunately on Mondays both the Rooftop Terrace and the separate Cabaret room are closed. Apparently when these two areas are open they have DJ’s spinning the tunes.  I did get to peek into the Cabaret Room and it has another bar and some great red leather booths.  I also imagine that in better weather, the terrace is THE place to hang out.  Overall it’s a cool spot.  I’d love to go back when there’s more action.

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