1/28/12…Nameless Horses @ Hotel Vegas

Hotel Vegas

Hotel Vegas

So it was back to the East Side tonight.  I was excited to get back over there and see a different part of this cool neighborhood.  Once I got down there and started looking for parking, I was quickly disappointed.  It took me way longer to find a spot than I thought it would.  In fact, I had no idea that this side of Austin had become such a destination spot.  I guess I’m a little behind.  I’ll have to scope out a secret parking spot for the next time I come down here.    Once I finally got into Hotel Vegas, I took a quick look around.  Nameless Horses was already on stage playing so I didn’t want to miss too much more of their show.  The main room is actually pretty small.  In fact, it’s so small that the sound was sometimes overwhelming.  The stage is directly to your right as you walk in  and there’s a small area of floor space to watch the band.  The bar is along the far right wall inside the same space as the stage.  There’s also a couch and a couple of stadium seats along the back wall.  I think my favorite part of this place is the “living room” that connects to the main room.  There’s a makeshift sound area in here with a cut-out window in the wall so the sound guy can see the stage.  There are also easy chairs and a couch to hang out.  If you keep walking back there is a backyard with some picnic tables.  It looks like it could be cool when it’s nice out.  I could see potential.  There was another band playing next door in a tented area which I could totally hear, so if you didn’t care for the band playing in Hotel Vegas, you could go out to the backyard and get a free listen of what’s playing at the bar next door. lol  But I wasn’t there to hear that band, I was there to listen to Nameless Horses, so I made my way back to the stage.  The bar was not that crowded when I first came in, but more and more people were walking in as Nameless Horses was playing.  There were definitely people there to see them specifically.  I could tell by their enthusiasm.  There were two dancing-girls, in particular, that were very into the show.  I’ll call them “Swaying Hippy Girl” and “Hippity Hop Dancer”.  They were quite entertaining.  It took me a minute to kinda figure this band out.  Basically, they’re a very guitar driven band.  It’s four guys:  a vocalist/guitarist, drummer, bassist, & lead guitarist.  It was the lead guitarist’s playing that first stood out to me.  He really made that guitar sing.  He was great!  There were some bluesy inflections to his playing, but I have to be honest, the sound of this band really evoked the 90s grunge era for me.  But I’m not talking Nirvana or Soundgarden, I’m talking Mother Love Bone & Screaming Trees.  Not sure that that’s what they’re going for, but that’s what I got from them and I actually really liked it.  Their songs are long, but the playing really draws you in. These guys JAM!! My favorite song was the second to last one they played.  The drummer went B-A-N-A-N-A-S, and I say that in a good way.  They were all just going nuts at the end of the song.  I loved it!  I almost wish they had ended the set with that one because it was so powerful.  The last song they did, while I could see it as a crowd-pleaser and a way to get the audience involved, was not as strong.  I’m not sure the band realizes that the song before that is the song they should close with.  Again, this is just my opinion.  I did like this band.  They made me forget how tired I was and that I had to work really early the next day.  So for just a moment they swept me away, which is why I LOVE live music!

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