1/27/13…Tough Losses After Great Wins

Coach Thibs is pissed!!

Coach Thibs is pissed!!

Throughout the 2012-13 season, the Bulls have demonstrated a certain resolve and toughness when it comes to going up against playoff caliber teams.  Both mentally & physically they have been able to come out very strong and beat some of the best teams in the league, except for OKC,  the Clippers, & Memphis.  It seems the Western Conference teams have got their number.  9 of 17 of the Bulls’ losses came against Western Conference teams.  The Western Conference overall seems to far exceed the play of the Eastern Conference, so far this season.  The only other team that the Bulls have not been able to beat so far this year is…wait for it…Milwaukee!!  I know.  It’s a complete mystery!  Even worse than that, six of the Bulls 17 losses come from teams that are under .500 for the year:  New Orleans (worst team in the West), Boston (8th seed in the East), Charlotte (worst team in the LEAGUE), Phoenix (2nd to worst in the West), Philly (#9 in the East), and now Washington (2nd to worst team in the league).  The only reason I even did some research on these stats is because I’ve become increasingly more frustrated to see my beloved team play so well against, let’s say, the Knicks and then the next night get stomped on by Phoenix.  I think more than physically, it’s mentally a challenge for them to get pumped to play against these lower caliber teams.  But here’s the thing, they need to figure it out.  They’re 3rd in the East right now and in a pretty solid playoff position for the year.  However their upcoming schedule looks super tough and they’ll be playing most of their games (at least next month) on the road.  While their road record is better than their home record (another shocker) they won’t have the luxury of any easy games.  In fact, they will be playing some of the best teams in the league.  How will they get up for all of those games?  The problem is if they get tired after playing just one good team and slack off the next night, then they will be losing a lot of games in February, which could definitely hurt their playoff chances.  I have a lot of faith in my guys after having seen how they’ve played so far this year against all odds.  They’ve become a very strong unit, but they need to overcome this mental hurdle if they want to get further than the first round in the playoffs.  I believe they can, but they need to prove they can!

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  1. manzana88 says:

    Ugh!! I feel like I predicted the bleak February that is now coming to pass. 🙁

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