1/26/12…Eric Wilson @ Frank



Frank.  Frank is a hot dog joint.  I’m going to see a show at Frank?  It’s a hot dog joint? ? ? ?  Ok, let’s go see some music at Frank then.  Once I decided what day I would be able to make it, I previewed the first act that was performing that night, Eric Wilson.  I have to say I got into it.  The songs I heard were just Eric and his guitar.  Upon that first listen he kinda reminded me of Stephen Malkmus.  That first impression morphed into something else when I saw him live.  Frank is on Colorado & 4th which is in my favorite area of Austin, The Warehouse District.  They do charge a small cover here, but for three bands in one night, it’s negligible.  Once we walked in (yes, I did have a concert buddy tonight) I got more of a feel of the space.  As you walk in past the main entrance, you’ll find the bar to your left and a small passageway to your right.  It’s kinda narrow here until you walk into the main area, where it opens up to a floor with booths on either side of the floor and the stage in the corner.  I imagine they have more tables in this space during hot dog hours.  I loved the chandelier above the stage.  It was a nice evening effect.  This place is bi-level, so if you walk upstairs you’ll find another small bar and tables.  It’s nice to get up here if you want to avoid the crowd of people below; You can actually look down on the stage from up here.  If you walk past the stage, there’s a narrow hall that leads you past the green room and further on to the bathrooms.  Ladies, it’s a pretty nice bathroom.  Eric Wilson played with three other guys tonight.  He was on lead vocals and acoustic guitar and he also had a drummer, a bassist, and an electric guitarist.  When they started playing his voice started reminding me of another artist, NOT Stephen Malkmus anymore.  I couldn’t put my finger on it till AFTER the show, when it finally clicked.  Conor Oberst.  There are some traces of Conor in his vocals; Otherwise, his music is totally different.  I enjoyed hearing Eric’s songs in a more filled-out manner.  I really like his stuff.  This was the first night he actually performed as a band with these guys and it was maybe their fifth time playing overall.  And it kinda showed.  I think with some more practices and playing time together, they’ll gel more and really do justice to Eric’s songs.  He’s talented, for sure!!  I would definitely see him again and I can’t wait to see where this new endeavor takes him.  Some negatives about Frank…at one point in the show the crowd got really loud.  Everyone was talking more than listening, which made it really hard to hear the band.  I think part of the problem is the way the space is laid out.  Also, the crowd itself was kinda self-involved.  Nobody really had much regard for me and my friend when we were sitting down.  In the beginning of the set, this one photographer chick stepped in front of me to shoot the band.  At first, I thought, ‘no big deal.  she’ll move when she’s done.’  Well, folks, she never moved and when she did it was to stand more directly in front of me, blocking my view, and forcing me and my friend to stand up and move.  A couple of other people also stepped in front of us, which I thought was pretty rude.  ICK!  I’m not used to that from the Austin audiences.  Most places I have been, I’ve enjoyed, not only because of the great music, but because of the friendly Austinites.  People at Frank need to get a grip.  There were a couple of exceptions…Eric Wilson and the girl I met in the bathroom.  Thanks for being so nice, guys!!

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