12/28/11…Charlie Faye/Noëlle Hampton @ Skinny’s Ballroom

Skinny's Ballroom

Skinny’s Ballroom

So I was invited to see these lovely ladies perform their “last” show of the year at Skinny’s in front of what was obviously their friends and family.  I pretty much liked Skinny’s from the moment I walked in.  It’s kinda small and dark, but elegant and funky.  As you walk in, the stage is straight ahead and to the back of the space with seating in rows in front of it and to the side below the raised bar area.  The beautiful granite bar is one step up, with a narrow floor space to walk through and more seating and counter space for individuals to sit and face the stage.  Here’s what I loved about Skinny’s: the draping around the stage and entire space, the vintage radios behind the bar, the “green room” behind the stage, the church pews used as seating, and overall, the classy feel to the place.  They obviously want to take care of the musicians that play here while also emitting a sense of style to their patrons.  I had never been here and was impressed.  The only thing I felt missing was the friendly vibe I have gotten from pretty much every other Austin venue I’ve been to.  Maybe that will come with time as this is a newer spot.  Back to the show, these two ladies have obviously known each other and played together many times before.  Their band included Noëlle’s husband, Andre Moran (who also happens to be a teacher in the Commercial Music Management program at Austin Community College, of which I’m a student) and Charlie Faye’s boyfriend, Will Sexton, who I just saw play last week.  Another gentleman, Andy Carrell, also joined them on bass further into the set.  The way the evening was set up was that Charlie Faye and Noëlle rotated sets and songs.  When I first walked in, Charlie Faye was singing and playing a plugged-in acoustic guitar, Will was on bass, Noëlle was on drums, and Andre was on guitar.  Charlie Faye kept it slow and pretty until the last song, when the tempo picked up a bit.  I needed that!  Then Noëlle jumped up to the front on her plugged-in acoustic guitar and lead vocals, Charlie Faye on backing vocals, Will on drums, and Andre stayed with the guitar.  I have to say I REALLY liked Noëlle’s set.  I loved her songs, her voice (she totally reminds me of Shawn Colvin), and this particular part of the show, especially.  When the band rotated again, Charlie Faye and Will performed another uptempo song that will be on the album they are working on together.  I was so excited to hear that because this will be a first.  I dug the song a lot.  I enjoyed seeing this group perform because they were so good, while staying loose and flying by the seats of their pants.  This lack of structure kept the evening fun and spontaneous.  I’m sure there will be many other opportunities to see them all perform in 2012 and you should make a point of getting out there to see them!!

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