12/26/11…Live Bluegrass Jam @ Waterloo Ice House…NOT!!

Waterloo Ice House

Waterloo Ice House

So tonight, I was making the effort to broaden my musical horizons.  As you can clearly see, the 38th Street location of Waterloo Ice House was supposed to be hosting a Live Bluegrass Jam tonight.  Well, guess what…when I got there, there was NOTHING going on, NOTHING set up, NOTHING happening.  When I walked out of the venue, I pulled up the Waterloo website on my iPhone and, lo and behold, the events menu shows something completely different from what is on the website.  In fact, it doesn’t even show ANYTHING going on at the 38th St. location.  WEIRD!!  I’m kind of annoyed…no, really annoyed.  I’m not too sure when I’ll decide to go back to any of the Waterloo Ice House locations, if ever.  Get your shit together, people!!!!

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