12/2/11…Roxy Roca @ Momo’s Austin



In order to get up to the main room of Momo’s, you have to take a flight of stairs up to the second floor. Momo’s is one big room with an open deck. You hit the main bar (to your left) and the stage (directly in front of the cashier) as soon as you enter the venue. Around to your left as you walk in and to the back is a large open deck with another small bar. Surprisingly, even though the deck is completely open and there is no wall separating it from the main venue area, it never felt too cold (and it was chilly on Friday night). There is also a dance floor to the left of the stage, but there is plenty of room for shaking your booty in front of the stage (unless it’s crowded). If you want to sit down, there is a small couch on the right side of the stage. There are also some VIP booths on the left side of the bar. This same area houses the merch table with a ton of extra chairs piled up behind it, I’m assuming, for bigger events. The bathrooms are also located on this side of the bar. Momo’s is not a huge venue, but the sound was good and the crowd was fairly lively, even for such an early set. Roxy Roca ROCKED the house. People were dancing and clapping and yelling. It was great. This band always get me movin’ when I see them play, so it was fantastic to see them groovin’ this crowd.

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