12/17/11…Will Sexton Band @ Antone’s



So I finally made it to Antone’s!!  It only took me three years to get there, but I did get there!  lol  Anyway, It was not at all as I’d imagined.  As soon as I walked through the door, the merch wall to my right caught my attention.  The next thing I saw was the stage and Will Sexton and his band already playing.  I got there a little late, so I dashed for the stage to get a better look.  I was happy to see Will playing a beat-up acoustic; This guitar looks like it’s been around the block a few times, which gave it so much character.  Will’s the lead singer and was backed by a funky lookin’ drummer, a guitarist, and bassist.  Charlie Faye came up on stage for the last couple songs and took over playing Will’s acoustic while he grabbed an electric.  It was obvious these guys (girl) are all true professionals.  I really enjoyed the music, but I was so sad that they ended so quickly.  Either they started earlier than 10pm or it was just a really short set.  Just as I was really getting into it, it was over.    I dig Will’s music, so I definitely would like to see them play again.  One of the main things I noticed about Antone’s is its layout.  It’s a long, narrow space.  The stage is set in the middle of the room.  There’s a “deck” directly across from the stage on the second level, where I noticed some filming going on.  In between the entrance and this deck is the main (and only) bar.  There’s no seating that I saw….standing room only in front of the stage.  There’s plenty of room for a crowd and for dancing, if that’s your thing.  As you walk further to the back of the room, you’ll find the hallway where the bathrooms are located.  And, hey, if you want a shoe shine, there was even a shoe shine chair set up.    There’s a VIP lounge with  seating right above the bathrooms, but it will definitely cost you a pretty penny to hang out up there.  I believe it was $150 for a table on this particular night.  I did enjoy scoping out the photos they had posted on the wall right below this VIP area, displaying just some of the talent that has passed through these doors.  I would love to come back to Antone’s for a blues show, since that’s really what it’s known for.  I have yet to see any blues in Austin and I really think it’s about damn time!!

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