12/13/11…Borrisokane & Cactus Peach @ Scoot Inn

Scoot Inn

Scoot Inn

I have been wanting to check out Scoot Inn for at least a year now and last night I finally got to.  This is the perfect East Side bar.  When I walked in, my first impression was, ‘small, dirty, dive bar.’ Then I looked to my right and saw Skee Ball!!  That made my night.  They have three machines so, that’s definitely something to do in between bands…play Skee Ball!!!  (Can you tell I love this?? lol)  Anyway, the bar is to the left as you come in the door and straight back against the back wall is the stage.  Even though it’s so small, they did still have someone doing sound for the  bands.  There’s also a huge outdoor patio with seating, another stage for shows, and a 2nd bar.  This is obviously the place to see bands when the weather is nice.  A guy I met told me he had been there before when they had a slip ‘n’ slide out there.  Nice!!  Anyway, there were 3 bands scheduled to perform tonight…Cactus Peach, Borrisokane, & Geography.  I had no idea who was going on first.  As it turned out, Borrisokane went on at 10ish and that turned out for the best.  I really dug them.  The more songs they played the more I liked the music.  They’re a four piece with a female lead singer & keyboardist, bassist, drummer, and guitarist.  They have a lush, atmospheric, but very musical sound.  It’s very much about the music with this band.  There are vocals, but they’re more of a speak/sing…this actually really works with the music.  After speaking to a couple of band members, (Josh, their drummer & Derek, the guitarist) I found out they’ve only been playing together for 5/6 months.  The name is from a town in Ireland where Derek & his sister Rebecca’s (lead vocalist) grandmother is from.  The song I have included on here is called “Dear Asshole”.  It’s off of their current EP that you can hear through their Facebook page.  They gave it to me for FREE.  You gotta love that.  Please check them out.  I can tell that the longer they play together, the better they’ll get.  Oh, and I stayed for a couple of songs by the next band, Cactus Peach, but they just weren’t my cup of tea.  They were a little too quirky for me and I couldn’t make it past the second song.  Thanks Borrisokane for keeping me there for your whole set!

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