1/21/12…Brittany Shane @ Swan Dive

Swan Dive

Swan Dive

I was excited and a little hesitant to attend the CD release party for Brittany Shane.  Excited, because I had listened to her new CD and really liked it and hesitant because she’s a client of the publicist I work for part-time.  What if I didn’t like her show?  How could I write about it?  I have to write about it!  All these thoughts were crowding my brain before I got to the venue.  Once I did find Swan Dive, which is right next to Plush on Red River just north of 6th Street, I forgot all those concerns for a moment.  I actually almost walked past the venue if not for seeing Plush’s address and knowing that Swan Dive should be the next building down.  They don’t have a sign!!!  They need to get a sign!  Anyway, I walked in to yet another industrial space with concrete floors, exposed brick walls, and open rafters.  The thing that really makes this place different is its decor.  There are comfy, padded booths along the left wall and inset banquettes with tables and chairs along the opposite wall.  This wall also looked to be papered.  I could be wrong.  The center floor also has tables set up all facing the corner stage. The stage had white drapery covering the windows. I really liked the pretty white lights hanging from the rafters.  Mostly all the accents of the space (rafters, columns, chairs) are painted white.  This place definitely has a feel and look of a modern-day saloon.  There is just one bar which seemed to be very busy.  It took forever to get a drink.  There were a lot of people in here so they may want to consider adding another bartender.  As I walked to the back of the space I found a door leading out to a patio with some more seating, if you wanted to hang outside.  The one thing I thought was missing was a load-in room or a back area for bands.  There were instruments all crowded along the left wall right past the door.  Not sure that’s too appealing to the customers.  It wasn’t to me.  Anyway, Brittany and her fantastic band came on at about 10:15.  All the band members performed on the recording of her CD.  They are all local, experienced musicians.  She has some great and catchy songs on this CD, especially “Come Around”. I can totally hear that song on radio.  It should be played on the radio.  I really had nothing to worry about with this performance.  She did great and she looked so happy to be up there.  I hope that people will get out to see her perform!!  Her music is kind of a blend between Pop and Americana, which is probably why I like it.  I’m a sucker for some good Pop Rock.    The one glitch in the evening was when my boss/friend, Jo Rae got to the venue.  I really shouldn’t call it a glitch because it was actually quite a hilarious moment in the evening.  I had been standing in front of a column, right in front of the stage and when I saw Jo Rae walk in, I signaled her over to me.  She stood next to me, unknowingly blocking the couple’s view that was sitting behind this column.  Instead of asking Jo Rae politely to move, this obviously drunk woman started kicking her.  When Jo Rae told me what was going on, I was kind of in shock.  Jo Rae, at that point, was determined NOT to move.  So I leaned back and told the belligerent woman, “she’s not gonna move if you keep kicking her”.  She lashed back, “Shut up, Youngblood.”  I almost died laughing.  I said my little piece to her and she quieted down for a minute, while her embarrassed husband tried to get her to stop acting up.  The next thing I know, she pushed her way in between me and Jo Rae saying “Isn’t this a great show?”  I moved away from her and then leaned over and told her that she was embarrassing herself.  She called me Youngblood again and told me to shut up again.  I called her a lush and that seemed to end it all.  She sat back down and a short time later was gone.  Another crazy night in Austin, keepin’ it weird!

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