12/1/09…Kris Kimura Quartet @ Elephant Room

Elephant Room

This great jazz spot is a basement bar on Congress Avenue.  It is a very long room with the stage at the furthest point from the entrance.  It is DARK with several tables.  It has the perfect jazz atmosphere.  I loved the band…The Kris Kimura Quartet.  This guy sings, plays sax, and every freakin’ woodwind instrument ever created. lol  Overall, the band itself was very talented.  I enjoyed the music a lot.  I got there at 9:30 and there were some people in the bar already but it was very nearly full by 10:30.  Not bad for a Tuesday night.  Even better…there was no cover.  This is a great place for a date or even if you want to hang out by yourself with some great jazz and a beer…or two.

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