12/10/11…La Moña Loca @ Gloria’s



So, who would’ve thought that a Latin restaurant would be such a hot spot on a Saturday night.  Not only is this restaurant not downtown, it’s also, “HI??”, a restaurant!!  Lol  Well, this place really transforms into a club come 11:00pm.  The doors shut to the restaurant and they start charging a $10 entry fee, the drink prices go up, there’s a dress code that is enforced, and the band starts booming.  It literally becomes “Club Gloria’s.”  I got there right around 11:00pm and there was actually a short line to get in.  When I walked further inside, the music was already pumping and the large dance floor was packed.  This is definitely a destination for people who love Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, etc. AND who love to dance to it.  I was invited to dance as soon as I walked on the floor to look for my friends.  I was really happy to find a more authentic spot for this type of music in Austin.  These are not wanna-be dancers, these are some real people who have grown up listening to this music and dancing to it with their families.  It was great.  The 11-piece band was AMAZING!!  There’s a 3-person horn section which included a young lady (so great to see this), a keyboardist, a bass player, a timbales player, a standard drummer, a conga player and 3 vocalists.  I was impressed.  In between sets, a DJ spun dance music and the crowd kept on dancing.  I have to say, in the 2 hours I was there people were always packing the dance floor.  The nice thing about Gloria’s is that they also have a little outdoor patio; So for any smokers or somebody that just needs a break, you could step out on the patio for a minute without having to leave the club and wait in line again.  I will definitely make it back to this place one night and maybe even dance next time.  I made a huge mistake choosing the shoes I wore and could not attempt to dance.     You should definitely check Gloria’s out if this sounds like your cup of tea.

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