1/19/12…Love: Ginger Leigh/Noëlle Hampton/Andre Moran/Shelley Mac/Rod Williams @ Flamingo Cantina

Flamingo Cantina

Flamingo Cantina

The first thing I have to say is that as homogenous as the overall atmosphere is on 6th Street, the bars are all very different.  I’m never that excited to visit a new venue on 6th Street, mainly because of the crowd it draws, and usually I don’t find the music to be all that appealing.  There are some very big exceptions and Flamingo Cantina is one of them.  Time was not on my side tonight.  I left my house late, I got downtown late, I arrived at the venue late.  Bleh.  Luckily, the set-up of the show still allowed me to see a great 90 minutes of collaborative music.  Ginger Leigh hosts her own show, Love, every Thursday night here.  She performs and invites a select few artists to come perform with her.  Each artist performs his/her own songs while the other artists jump in with their own contributions.  Sometimes they just sit back and let the other artist do their thing.  When I arrived, I made a quick dash for the restroom.  Ladies, I hope you’re not too modest because at this bar, there are two stalls, one of which has no door, only a black curtain (kinda sheer too) covering the stall.  The bar itself is one big warehouse with concrete floors and exposed brick walls.  The walls are painted with festive colors and, of course, flamingos.  There are brightly colored sheets and lights on the walls, as well, adding to the cantina theme.  There is stadium seating along  two sides of the main room and rows of chairs set up in front of the elevated stage, lending to the feel of a concert arena.  There is also one bar in this main area.  The space is half exposed; the exposed half being a 2-level deck.  The lower deck was closed, but I walked up to check out the upper deck and it was pretty cool.  It had a small bar and some tables.  It also overlooks the main floor so I stayed and listened to the music from up there for a bit.  Once I caught sight of a front row seat, I walked back down and sat down to the show before me.  When Ginger Leigh took the mic for the next song, I was blown away.  She has an amazing, strong voice with songs that are tough and raw, seeming to mirror who she is as a woman.  She was very gracious with the other performers.  Everyone on that stage was great.  I enjoyed the music so much I ended up staying for pretty much the entire show, even though it was a school night. ;0  At one point, Ginger Leigh decided to do an a capella song.  WOW!!  She stood up with no guitar, no mic and just put on a show.  She is fearless on that stage which just strengthens the connection she has with the audience.  Expect to pay a cover when you come to Flamingo Cantina.  I paid $12 tonight, but it was well worth it.  If you haven’t been to Ginger Leigh’s Love, you should get your butt off the couch and get out to see some great live music!!

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