1/16/15…Liverpool Legends @ Rockbox Theater, Fredericksburg, TX


Liverpool Legends are not just a Beatles tribute band, they are a Beatles tribute experience!  I probably never would have had the opportunity to see this performance if not for getting back in touch with an old friend.  Thanks to Facebook and its constant stream of “suggested friends”, I recently reconnected with my friend, Marty, who plays George Harrison in Liverpool Legends.  I hadn’t been in touch with Marty since 1996, so I was super excited when he told me that he would be making a stop in Fredericksburg for the show.  The timing was actually pretty perfect.  What wasn’t perfect was the traffic the day of the performance.  I was hoping to get there a little early to catch up a bit with Marty before their performance.  But Friday afternoon traffic before a long holiday weekend is NEVER good.  What would’ve been a 90 minute drive turned into two hours and I barely made it for the beginning of the show.  Thankfully Marty had set a ticket aside for me, so I walked in right as the show was beginning.  Unfortunately somebody was in my seat, so the usher had to ask this person to move and FINALLY I was able to settle in to enjoy the show.  I should add that as a lifelong Beatles fan, I was super excited to see this show.  The added surprise was finding out that the show really captures the essence of the band by using Liverpudlian accents and witty banter.  You really feel like you’re watching the Fab 4 perform.  The band also encourages audience participation.  Since I was by myself, I probably didn’t participate as much as I should have, but I still enjoyed the overall experience.  The audience consisted of mostly seniors who were obviously Beatles fans from the 60’s.  But it was nice to see a smattering of kids and younger adults getting into the show.  During the second song, I also realized that the gentleman that played John Lennon was a former band mate of Marty’s.  This was the band Marty played with when I met him back in the day.  I thought it was pretty cool that he & Kevin were still playing together.

After the show was over I waited while the guys had a brief meet & greet with the audience.  Then I finally got to hang out with my buddy, Marty. We only got to catch up for a little bit because he was feeling under the weather.  But he assured me they would be back in Texas this year, so I definitely look forward to seeing them play again.  I think this is a show my parents would also enjoy.  Before I left, Marty insisted I take a picture with the band.

Me & the boys

Me & the boys

After the picture, Kevin asked me, “Do you have our CD?”  I said, “No”, and he said “Happy Birthday” and proceeded to hand me a Liverpool Legends CD of original music.  I’ll be including my favorite songs on an upcoming Music Picks playlist.  I was happy that they were still making original music in addition to all of their Beatles performances.  If you’re a Beatles fan and never got to see them perform, this is a great show to see.  And even if you’re not a Beatles fan, it’s still a really fun experience!  You should definitely look into seeing Liverpool Legends perform.

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