11/5/09…Bobby Fuentes & The All Stars @ Guero’s Taco Bar

Gueros Taco Bar

So who knew about First Thursdays on S. Congress???  Not me, but what a great coincidence!!  Not only did I get to check out a cool little venue, but I also got to see some cool art.  So, Guero’s actual restaurant is next door to the Oak Garden (where bands play).  The garden is scattered with benches and, on this particular night, also scattered with TONS of people.  There’s a bar in the garden to serve drinks only.  On a nice night, like tonight, it’s a GREAT setting!  The band space is set in the farthest corner from the entrance and is basically a gazebo stage.  Although I only caught a few songs from the band, Bobby Fuentes & The All Stars, I was able to gather that they are FANTASTIC.  They played blues, rock and had really great musicianship.  There was an early start time tonight (6:30pm) which makes this a perfect spot to check out after work.  Loved the vibe!!  It would’ve been a nice touch to be able to order food as well.  The restaurant was beyond busy.  If they had a separate little stand set up with food to go, it would’ve been perfect.

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