1/14/12…Vinyl Dharma @ Lucky Lounge

Vinyl Dharma at Lucky Lounge

Vinyl Dharma @ Lucky Lounge

Oh, what a night!  So I was all excited to go to Lucky Lounge again and see this band, especially because I had been invited to see them by one of their friends who raved about them.  I had checked out a couple of their songs and thought they could be good in a live setting.  When I walked into Lucky, it was close to 10 pm and the band was already playing onstage.  I heard the familiar strains of the song “Melt With You”, which immediately brought back tons of fun memories.  I thought to myself, ‘ahh, they slipped in a cover.’ HA!  If only…it turns out every song after that was also a cover.  I was so disappointed.  I hadn’t at all imagined a show full of cover songs.  Granted, the songs they did were all songs I knew & liked from the 80s and more current, but that is NOT what I wanted to hear.  And now I really don’t know what their live show is like.  All I know is that the lead singer’s vocals definitely weren’t suited for every song they did and I can almost bet that his vocals match up better with the band’s original stuff.  Musically they sounded good.  The band is made up of four guys:  two guitarists, one of which sings lead, a bassist, and a drummer.  Lucky was fairly quiet.  The layout by the stage was a little different from when I had been there for Ian McLagan.  I think they left the floor more open for people to be able to dance to all the fun cover songs.  I hate to be sarcastic, but I wish I had known ahead of time that this band was gonna do a set of all covers.  I would’ve been better prepared and maybe even have skipped this show.  I have nothing against cover bands at all!!  They can be fun when you’re out with a bunch of friends partying, but my goal now is not to go out and hear cover bands.  I really want to see and hear the original creativity of the musicians playing here in Austin.  If Vinyl Dharma had done anything that showed a sign of originality within their versions of these covers, I would’ve been more interested.  But again, they stayed true to the originals, not stamping them at all with their personality, which made it much less exciting for me.  I left after about 40 minutes, disappointed and frustrated.  The bar was really no more full than when I had come in, but it wasn’t even 11 pm.  Maybe it’s a later bar.  I will say this, if in the future I heard that this band was doing a show of their own music, I would try to see them again.

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