1/14/10…Tavana @ Maria Maria

Maria Maria

I liked this restaurant immediately.  You walk into the friendly staff at the hostess desk and a large open space directly to the right.  The bar is the focal point of the main room.  There is a small stage near the main entrance surrounded by small round seats, tables and wrap around booths.  It’s a casual area to chill, listen to music, eat, drink & be merry!!  There is a great vibe in this place.  There is also a back area with more restaurant seating.  It turns out the band I saw at Speakeasy was playing here–their name is TAVANA.  I really enjoyed them and they had a much more respectable number of people watching them.  The people here are friendly and I even had a nice conversation with another patron who actually offered to buy me a drink.  I have not seen a lot of that behavior at other locations in  Austin.  I guess that made me like Maria Maria even more.   I would love to come back and grab some dinner.  The menu looked quite tasty.

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