11/24/12…My BULLS are a losing team? The Bulls are a losing team. MY bulls are a LOSING team!!!!!!

Derrick Rose

This picture is the epitome of how I feel lately.  I never would have thought that after two years of seeing my team in the NUMBER ONE spot at the end of the regular season, that my boys would currently have a record of 5-6!!  UGH!!  I keep struggling with the whys and hows of this situation.  We have the same incredibly demanding and successful coach.  We have virtually the same starting line-up minus the all-important D.Rose.  BUT, the major thing that changed was our bench.  And we had an extremely strong second unit.  That second unit was so important at keeping the team strong in the second quarter.  It was always important for the BULLS to get off to a strong start and most times they were very successful at doing that.  Then BAM, 2nd quarter, Bench Mob, and the team would keep pushing the envelope.  Sometimes the Bench Mob wouldn’t just keep the team in the game, they would extend their lead.  It was great to watch.  They had amazing chemistry and obviously loved playing together.  But now, now we have all these new players that just can’t work together to keep a lead.  Thibodeau has been trying so hard to switch it up and make adjustments for the most successful outcome.  But so far, NOTHING, and I mean, NOTHING seems to work.  The second quarter is a killer for this team.  And even in the games where these guys have managed to get a lead, they always seem to lose it.  And they SUCK at finishing off close games.  It’s so hard for me to watch them play like this, especially when I see how hard my favorite player (Joakim Noah) is working to make shit happen.  His offensive game has improved so much since last year.  It’s a joy to watch him work.  He’s not only a great rebounder now, but he’s a more reliable scorer.  I LOVE IT!!  Love HIM!  And yet, not everyone is working as well or as hard to get the win, ahem, Carlos Boozer.  I still can’t figure out if the new players will ever get it together enough to make this a winning team again this year.  Last year, this team played a quarter of the season without Derrick Rose and still ended up at the top.  So I don’t want to blame their struggles on the fact that he’s out right now.  If these bench guys don’t get it together, I’m not sure that this team will even be able to make it to the playoffs.  That kills me!  And it’s probably why I’ve been so out of it and slacking in getting out to see music.  Yes, it’s sad that this team has such an effect on me, but they do.  I’ll admit it.  But I’m gonna do my best to shake this off and try to be more objective about these games so I can get back into my live music routine.  It’s crazy how much my passions effect one another.  Music & Basketball…yeah, those are my two loves and they influence a lot of how I react to my daily life.

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