1/12/13…Bulls.Break.Down…Suns 97, Bulls 81

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BULLS vs Suns

Just when I think my team is getting it together…they break down.  This is has been such a rough season for me so far not only because Derrick Rose is out, but because of its inconsistencies.  Why can my boys get it together and win against good teams like Miami & NY, but lose to mediocre teams like Milwaukee and horrible teams like Phoenix & Charlotte??  I don’t get it!!!!  Last night’s game against the Suns was really the straw that broke the camel’s back.  Phoenix was walking into that game with a 12-26 record.  They are the 2nd to last WORST team in the West.  Really?  The BULLS had played a very solid game against New York the night before at The Garden and BEAT them.  And they didn’t just beat them last night, that was the third time this season that they killed NY’s game…KILLED IT!!  And then, then they come home and LOSE to Phoenix?!  I keep repeating this question in an attempt to gain some sort of understanding of what has gone wrong with my boys.  But I am still absolutely befuddled.  I mean, not only did the Suns beat us on the scoreboard by outscoring us in the 2nd and 3rd quarters, but they out-rebounded us, out-defended us, out-shot us, just out-everythinged us!!!!  The Suns are not known for their defense, but the BULLS are.  And as for rebounding, we’re the 10th best rebounding team in the league and we were beat on the boards by the 27th ranked team!!!  I finally had to turn the game off as I could see the BULLS were making no real effort to right the wrongs.  They lacked energy, motivation; They lacked their normal heart.  Were they tired since they had traveled back to Chicago the night before?  Well, that’s no excuse.  They have a series of back to backs coming up in the next four weeks and two out of those four include traveling so they better get it together!!  They actually have a better road record than home record.  That is lame & especially a letdown for their fans.  Who wants to go see them play at home when they’re more likely to lose there??  Coach Thibodeau said on their struggles at home, “It can happen once in a great while, but this is too much. I have to figure it out. It is my job to get them ready. We have to play with more intensity, more of an edge. We are not doing that. We have to correct it.”  They’re still in the top 10 in the league, clinging to the 10th spot, which I think is somewhat of a miracle…considering.  I love my boys.  I really adore them, but if they have any hope of being successful in the playoffs, then they have to be able to muster that heart & energy every single game.  We’re nearing the half-way point of the season and Derrick’s return is imminent.  While the BULLS will definitely be a better team WITH him, these guys need to be able to play and WIN without him!!  Let’s go BULLS!!  I know you can do it!!!

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