1/12/12…Beverly Hensley Band @ Baker St. Pub & Grill

Baker St. Pub & Grill

Baker St. Pub & Grill

What a night this turned out to be.  I chose to go out on a school night to “enjoy” some country music. lol  Yeah, for those of you that know me, I don’t really enjoy country music all that much, but I made an exception to make it to the venue.  I had been to its sister location up in North Austin (Sherlock’s) before, so I figured it was time to get down South to see Baker St.  What I thought was gonna be a strange night actually turned out to be quite fun.  I got there at around 9:40 and the band started about 10 minutes later.  Beverly is the lead vocalist and quite a little firecracker.  She’s this cute blonde with a big voice and the sense of humor of a truck driver.  She was cracking me up in between songs.  Her band is made up of her (lead vocals) and 4 guys (acoustic guitar/vocals, steel guitar, bass, & drums).  The show mostly consisted of country covers, but Beverly did slip in one original song that she wrote about her sister.  I really wish she had done more of her own stuff, but that didn’t happen, while I was there at least.  Like I said, she has a strong voice and the musicians she plays with are pretty good, but I felt like Beverly was not taking the show too seriously.  She had a bunch of her friends in the audience so she was comfortable on stage, which is great, but I think she could have given a little more to her performance.  Funniest thing that happened all night…a dude in a cowboy hat, white tank top, jeans, & cowboy boots approached me at one point to ask me to dance.  I nicely turned him down (definitely don’t dance to country) and he asked me to point out a girl for him to dance with.  I gestured to a table of people and suggested he ask one of those girls who I had seen dancing a little earlier.  He found someone…phew.  About 10 minutes later, same guy approaches me again, claiming, “last chance. “  I told him again, “no thanks, I don’t want to dance”.  So he asks me again who he should choose to dance.  I tell him I don’t know anybody here, but again he should ask someone from the table I had earlier suggested, that any one of them would surely dance with him.  Next thing I know, he’s chatting with a guy at the table (I’m thinking he’s asking permission to dance with the girl sitting next to him) and then THEY, yes the two GUYS, are out on the dance floor two stepping together.  OMG!!  I could NOT stop laughing.  DYING!!  Total highlight of the night. lmao  Well, I have to say the crowd at Baker St. is great. It was pretty busy too.  The main part of the pub is quite large with one big main bar and tables surrounding the stage.  There’s also a separate “game room” with video games and a pool table.  A bit to the back of the bar, there is also a raised area with couches.  It’s more of an area to be away from the band and just hang out in a closer, quieter space.  If you want to watch sports, there are TV’s surrounding the main floor space and bar.  I liked Baker St.   I had a good time and I can admit I actually prefer it to its North side counterpart.

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