1/10/13…Borrisokane @ Hotel Vegas

Hotel Vegas

Hotel Vegas

I have literally been in hibernation for months.  I finally started to shake off my aversion for going out and pushed myself out the door to see my friends in Borrisokane.  It really felt good to get out of my house.  I got to their show a little late and unfortunately only saw part of their set.  These guys are such troopers.  Almost all of them were sick with the flu, yet there they were plugging away.  I could tell they didn’t have 100% of their energy, but considering the circumstances, they still put on a great show.  They have added another member to the band, a violinist/trumpeter, which was a nice surprise.  He really added another dimension to their music.  I kinda loved it; especially the horn playing on their Wings cover.  I was incredibly pleased to see such a nice crowd there while they were playing.  There were friendly faces and new faces, which is what I really love to see.  The more this band gets out there to play, the more fans they will convert.  I’ve always been very certain of this and I still am.  Can’t wait to see what else they have up their sleeves.  I definitely will continue supporting them wholeheartedly!!!  Bring on Borrisokane!!

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