10/9/09…The Sounds with Semi Precious Weapons & Foxy Shazam @ La Zona Rosa

La Zona Rosa 10/9/09

La Zona Rosa 10/9/09

I loved this venue!!  The front area of this spot has a pool table, a small bar, and a jukebox.  The walls are adorned with an eclectic assortment of artwork.  There is a separate back venue area which is quite huge.  There is a stage, a wide open floor, a raised area that houses the sound booth and it also serves as a place to stand or sit.  In fact, I sat up here for the first two bands.  There’s also one large bar, one smaller bar, a merch sales area,  and video games.  This is a very nice, large venue to see small and  even more well-known bands.  There is also an outside terrace to hang out on (small tables are scattered out here)- great if you’re a smoker or even if you  just need a break from the noise or heat.  There was a very mixed crowd.  The first opening band Foxy Shazam were not my cup of tea AT ALL!!   And the second band, Semi Precious Weapons, wasn’t much better.  In my opinion, they were the most gimmicky & strange group of people I’ve probably ever seen.  I honestly could’ve done without them.  I came to see The Sounds and they did not disappoint. I moved up closer to the stage before they came on and made friends with a few people around me.  We were all dancing around to the music.  It turned out to be a very fun show.


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