10/7/12…World Famous Feem & Miss Zamora @ Red Eyed Fly

Red Eyed Fly

Red Eyed Fly

The first time I was supposed to see this hip-hop duo, they were more of a hip-hop crew.  Since that show, things had fallen apart amongst the crew members and they were down to World & Miss Zamora.  Miss Zamora, or Sarah as I know her, is a co-worker of mine.  She had invited me to the previous show, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it, so I HAD to go see her this time.  I was looking forward to hearing her & her partner on the mic throw down.  This show was scheduled to be on the outside stage, which would have been great if the weather had cooperated, but it was freakin’ COLD out on this night.  I have no idea why Red Eyed Fly didn’t bring the entire show inside.  It would have made more sense for the amount of people who showed up and for the weather conditions.  No matter, we all enjoyed ourselves despite the cold.  The show opened up with the beats banging hard for their first song.  First up…World.  I was kinda surprised to hear the vocal track playing behind his rap.  For a quick second, it made me wonder if this was an original song.  I know they do their own stuff, so hearing the vocal track was very misleading.  In fact, my friend looked at me wondering if he was lip-synching.  Wow…not good.  My friend had never heard their music before so he didn’t know it was all original.  I can understand wanting to have a layered sound, but they should really lose the vocal track and let the audience hear them loud & LIVE, only keeping in the ad libs.  Maybe if they had a mixer to take care of all the tracking of the music, that  could help their stage show as well.  What’s obvious is that World can rap his ass off and Miss Zamora can most definitely sing the crap out of a song, no backing track necessary.  I liked the flow of the set list.  First we got to hear World on his own, then we got to hear World & Miss Zamora, then just Miss Zamora.  It was a nice mix of songs & leads.  The audience was definitely enjoying themselves.  But what happened during the second to last song is the kiss of death for any live act.  They abandoned their audience.  During “Get Away” the two of them faced each other, NEVER looking at the audience, and sang to each other as if none of us were there.  They might as well have been at home in their living room singing to each other, because as far as the audience was concerned, we did not exist in that moment.  I actually started to feel uncomfortable, like I was interrupting them.  I looked around and could see that everyone else probably felt the same way.  I watched about five people walk inside during this song and the remaining audience members were talking to each other and no longer focused on the stage.  In that moment, the show should have ended.  Because, while they did one more song, the audience had been dismissed and we were done.  We were literally left out in the cold.  These two have obvious chemistry but they always need to keep the audience at the forefront.  We are why they are up on that stage.  Despite all the critiquing, I really did enjoy this show.  I like their music and I believe that they have so much potential to be great on stage.  World has a ton of confidence up there & Miss Zamora proved that she can turn up the power in her vocals.  I can’t wait to see what they do at the next one.

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