10/19/09…Wiretree @ Waterloo Records

Waterloo Records

So I decided to make a 2nd visit to Waterloo, this time to see an in-store show.  I had no idea who the band (Wiretree) was, but I enjoyed the one sample song I had heard from their MySpace page.  Plus, I just really wanted to see how a show was set up there.  I love going into record stores period and I just really love that Waterloo is an old school record shop that has adapted to the current trends (carrying DVD’s, books, merch, CD’s in addition to LP’s) in order to survive the dying record biz.  The stage is set up right next to the main check-out counter.  Shiner is a co-sponsor of the in-store events, passing out free beer during the band’s performance.  Wiretree played for about an hour while people continued to shop and/or just stand in the aisles to enjoy their music.  I really enjoyed it…so much so that I was motivated to buy their brand new CD.  The official release date was 10/20, but of course Waterloo had the CD available to buy that evening.  For $8.99, it was well worth it!!  I’m now officially a fan.  Although, it wasn’t a huge crowd, people definitely came in to see this band specifically.  I would go back for another opportunity to enjoy some new music.

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