My Weekly Sports Rant…1/21/15 to 1/27/15



Congrats to Illinois for a great short-handed win!

Chicago Blackhawks represent at the NHL All Star Weekend 2015 in Columbus, OH

Chicago Blackhawks represent at the NHL All Star Weekend 2015 in Columbus, OH

1/17/15…West Virginia Mountaineers Vs. Texas Longhorns @ Frank Erwin Center

Scan copyMy first college basketball game.  I was so excited!!  When I made the decision to start watching college sports last year, I knew I would get hooked on college basketball.  I’m very lucky that the University of Texas has a very strong program, coach, and  team.  I knew I wanted to try going to a game, but the perfect game turned out to be against my co-worker’s rival school, West Virginia.  When I told him when they would be playing, he was all in for going to the game too.  So the two of us, along with our non-basketball friend, all went to the game.  We had some transportation issues getting there so we missed about half of the first half, but at least we made it.  On our way to the arena, we walked past a bar with a bunch of Texas fans standing outside on the patio.  Since my friend, David, went to West Virginia, he was proudly sporting his blue Mountaineers tee-shirt.  Well, these Texas fans did NOT approve and proceeded to loudly boo him as we walked by.  It was HILARIOUS!!  David tried to defend himself, but with no luck.  They just kept on booing, with my encouragement.  I knew that with their two losses to Oklahoma schools in their preceding two games that Texas would come out with a huge edge in this game.  But David could not keep from the shit talking.  I just shook my head and told him, ‘you’ll see.’  And of course by the time we got to Frank Erwin Center, the Longhorns already had a significant lead against the Mountaineers.  The lead only grew by halftime.

Now that's a pretty halftime score.

Now that’s a pretty halftime score.

Texas played their hearts out.  They played hard, they played with fight & passion, and they never gave up, even when they had the game firmly in hand.  I loved it!!!  Even David couldn’t help cheering for some of the plays they made.  There were quite a few that got loud yells from me too.  It really was a great game.  Even our friend Kelly, who barely knew what was going on, enjoyed the game.

We had some nosebleed seats, but still had the perfect view of all the action.  I really like the group of guys that Texas has playing for them this year, so it was a treat to see them play live.  They ended the game strong and won with a resounding 77-50 finish.  No doubt who the stronger team was that night.  Hopefully I get to see them play again this year.  Hook ‘em!

My Music Picks

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It’s time for some new music!!  Once again, I listened to three very different albums.  Two out of three of these artists are brand new to me:  Benjamin Booker & Future.  Benjamin Booker is a raw, bluesy artist that has produced a swinging, feedback-laden, groovy kind of sound.  I totally dig it. His self-titled album is one worth checking out.  I don’t know much about him, but I do know that I like what I hear.  He has organs on his album!!  ORGANS!!  Can’t wait to see where he goes from here.

Benjamin BookerNext up on this list is Future’s Honest.  I wasn’t too sure I liked this album when I first heard it.  But then I heard the song, “Blood, Sweat, Tears” and I totally fell for it.  With that one song I truly opened my ears to the rest of the album.  It’s the BEST and most meaningful song on the album.  It gave me a different perspective from how I first heard the other songs.  And once I got rolling with it, I started to find other songs that stood out to me.  This is a pure hip hop album full of good beats and tough lyrics.  It’s not the best album that I’ve ever heard, but it caught my attention.

HonestThe latest album from Bruce Springsteen, High Hopes, is mostly a collaboration with Tom Morello.  While this is clearly still a Springsteen album through and through, you can still hear the grittier influence that Morello has on the songs on which he plays.  I especially love the remake of “The Ghost Of Tom Joad”.  Tom’s guitar playing and singing change up the dynamic of this oldie but goodie in such a positive way.  I went from liking this song to LOVING it.  But even the songs that I chose that don’t feature Tom, like “Frankie Fell In Love” and “Dream Baby Dream”, are great.  It took many listens to pick out my favorites, but the songs in this playlist are the ones that stood out the most.

High Hopes